Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Happy 85th Birthday Mickey

 Yesterday we celebrated our good friend, Mickey Mouse.  We decorated the house with "happy birthday" supplies, made a special dinner of Mickey waffles, our absolute favorite.  We even made a special cake.
You can say many, many things about our household,  but you can not say we are ever bored.  ;-)

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Race for a Cure

I am tackling another "bucket list" item and will be running the full Pittsburgh Marathon next May.  Yep, that is right, 26.2 miles!!!  The furthest I have ever run is 13 miles so this should be interesting.
To make it even more interesting for myself I will be running for a charity this time.

The Mario Lemieux Foundation is dedicated to raising funds for cancer research and patient care, as well as Austin’s Playroom Project, an initiative that creates playrooms for children and families in medical facilities.  The Mario Lemieux Foundation was created in 1993 by hockey legend Mario Lemieux. In that year, Mario was enjoying the greatest season of his brilliant career and on pace to establish a new NHL scoring record. Then he was diagnosed with Hodgkin's disease.
After a successful battle with Hodgkin's, Mario is now 19 years cancer free and his experience led him to focus on ways to assist those not so fortunate. He devotes much of his time to the Foundation raising funds to help reach the ultimate goal: a cure for cancer.

If you want to support a fabulous charity please visit  http://www.crowdrise.com/teammariolemieuxfoundatigh2014/fundraiser/julierubritz

Adam and Charlotte both trick or treated for charity instead of candy this year.  Adam was very interested in the playrooms for children.  We haven't gotten too specific with him since he is so young, but he knows that sometimes kids get sick and have to spend time in a hospital so that they are close to their doctors.  He enjoyed the thought of maybe help them get some fun toys for the playroom during these visits.  Adam and Charlotte were able to raise $33 on Halloween night!  (That is his donation hockey puck that we made together)

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Summer was maybe a little crazy

Our summer was maybe a little bit crazy, or at least it must have been since I haven't had time to post anything new since Adam finished school.  We had a fabulous summer, followed by a new school year starting and an epic trip to Walt Disney World and the opportunity to go to and be in our dear friends wedding.
Now it is fall and we are winding down from Halloween and getting ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  More posts to come in the very near future.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Schools out for SUMMER!

 Adam finished his 1st year of preschool last month.   They school celebrated by having a big end of the year picnic.
 The kids had a great time playing house.
 Then inside to receive a cute poster board and photo book the teachers made for them.
 I had special surprises waiting at home too to continue the celebration.  So proud of Adam and how much he learned, the great friends he made and the absolutely WONDERFUL teachers he had.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Let's Do This Thing!!!

 We have been crazy busy lately, which has led to zero time to post a blog.  Irony of life I suppose.  Just a few quick blogs to catch you up.  First, in May my Mom and I ran the Pittsburgh Half Marathon in May, which was an absolute blast.  The race organizers did a fantastic job.  Security was super tight since we were the first major race after the tragedy in Boston, the security team and organizers did a fantastic job in creating a safe racing atmosphere.
 While we were out Adam made some beautiful signs for us.
 This last weekend all four of us took part in the Color Me Rad race!  Totally awesome race!  Horrible course, but the race was fantastic.
 Here we are with our nice white clothes!
 Let the color begin!!!!!!  That is Tommy and Charlotte in the cloud of orange.  She also got sprayed with the green spray tankers and had green dots on her forehead. hehehe
 Both of the kids totally rocked it!
 Trying to get the kids to show their paint lines by lifting up their shorts.
 Color party!!!!!  Charlotte was followed around the whole day with the paparazzi, she was so stinkin' cute and had so much fun.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Pittsburgh Pirates 5K Home Run

 Our 3rd annual participation in one of our favorite races of the year.
 Adam was very excited to race....Charlotte took a little more convincing.
 Adam ran the last leg of the race all by himself! 
 He did so great!  The whole time he kept saying "I've got to hurry!  I've got to win the race!"
As far as I am concerned he did win the race.....and with some stylish Pirate gear on at that!

My little caterpillar

 We had a small little party for Charlotte this past weekend, themed to her favorite book The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  Anyone who has seen her eat can understand why she likes this book.
 I have always wanted to buy one of those really long sandwiches and this seemed like the perfect excuse.  Adam LOVED it!
 Some of her little decorations and food choices.
 The kids and I made a cotton ball splatter painting.  I love kids because they never seem to notice how cold it is outside.
 Charlotte's smash cake!!!!  Instead of frosting I used cool whip which she LOVED.  She figured out how to slide the layers of cake off just to get at the cool whip.
 For being only 1 she really enjoyed present time.  This little Cinderella doll has hardly left her side since that day.

 After so much fun she took a little snooze with her Aunt Patty and Cousin Lily.  A wonderful day with family and friends to celebrate my beautiful little girl.